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Live web link to physical auctions.

Allows you to see and hear the action as it happens in the yard/banquet hall from anywhere, so you can bid and buy vehicles online in real time.

Join us for the live auctions!


Features it's time to take a look at TTB Platform

  • Mobile Compatible
  • Attend Multiple Auctions
  • View your purchases
  • See all the vehicles
  • You can use TTB on your smart phone or tablet across all browser types.

  • You can now watch and bid and buy on as many auctions as you want from the same screen, meaning all our auctions are in one place so you don't have to flick between windows.

  • You can now see which vehicles you have purchased online across all TTB auctions that day and not just one sale at a time, giving you an instant snapshot and saving you time.

  • You can now view all the vehicles in an auction from within the TTB platform.



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